Everyday life in the “Tagi”, the St. Leonhard daycare centre

Everyday life in the “Tagi” — in the St. Leonhard daycare centre, every day is a special day

Luca arrives in the Tagi early in the morning. He wants to ring the front door bell himself. His mother must get to her important meeting on time. By the entrance, she gives him a warm kiss on the cheek. Luca seems happy. He walks straight to the playroom and greets his toy. The other children also say hello to him. They all look forward to an eventful day. The kindergarten teacher exchanges a few words with the mother. The two women have known each other for years. They both know exactly what Luca needs and what’s good for him. They trust each other very much.

Samira arrives a few minutes later. Her father is a little stressed. He knows that his daughter will insist on a good-bye ritual. The nursery teacher knows this too. The two men exchange a few words. Samira has been coming to the daycare centre only for a little while. At first, she struggled with the structures of the daycare centre. However, parents and staff make sure she gets used to things quickly and lovingly help her integrate. The parents are happy about her little daughter’s progress. They are not yet familiar with the daycare centre system in Switzerland.  They only recently arrived from abroad and settled in Basel. Everything was explained to them very well. They received comprehensive and professional support. The good-bye ritual makes Samira feel safe. Shortly afterwards, she joins the other children. Her language skills improve every day. The day begins with an exciting story from her favourite book. In German. She listens intently. And smiles.

A short while later, Anna and her working parents arrive. Anna is still a baby, only five months old. The kindergarten teacher from the baby group has an in-depth discussion with the parents. Their daughter has some digestion problems. The transition from breast milk to solids is taking its toll. Everyone feels relaxed. The staff are very familiar with this situation and know what to do. Anna’s mother calls twice from the office to ask about her daughter. Everything is fine. The infant is well and happy. She no longer has a tummy ache. Anna is sleeping in her bed. and she looks happy. The education professionals are always there. A caring and loving atmosphere is very important for her development.

Leo, Alexandra, Ali and Svenja are children who go to kindergarten. They can’t go there on their own and need to be accompanied. A trainee and an intern take them to the nearby district kindergartens. The primary school children are also initially accompanied to school until they are familiar with the route. Their parents know that they are well looked after. If anything is wrong, the management contacts them immediately.

St. Leonhard daycare centre - highlights

  • The healthy development of your child is top priority for us and has been since 1889. 
  • We have a sufficient number of education professionals working with us.
  • The atmosphere in the daycare centre is respectful, loving and cheerful.
  • Our business is organised with the practicalities in mind. and guided by the needs of parents and children. 
  • The centre is well funded and is focused on the needs of children.
  • We cook our own food. We employ professional kitchen staff.
  • Hygiene is important. And so is your child’s health.
  • Your child is safe with us. There is no room for compromise.
  • We are a company that trains young people. We offer career prospects to young people.

Our kindergarten teachers, all of them educational professionals, take the children out into the open air and explore the environment with them. The children who do not go with them do interesting activities at the centre such as handicrafts, drawing, singing, playing, generally letting off steam, listening to stories and music, dancing, sleeping or just doing nothing, if that’s what they feel like. Everyone is happy. And there are wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. The professional kitchen staff turn the fresh, regional ingredients into a tasty lunch. Some of the children want to help and see how the food is prepared.

It’s lunchtime. They all sit at the table together and eat. The schoolchildren from the “Mittagstisch” lunch club (“Tagesstruktur” scheme) are also arriving. Everybody likes the food. Afterwards, of course, everyone gets a sweet treat. The little ones take a nap after lunch. And the older children do their homework under professional supervision and help if needed.

The weather is great. The children go to the nearby city parks and play and run around. Exercise makes you hungry. The kitchen staff have prepared the afternoon snack. A balanced and child-appropriate diet is important.  Everyone likes the food. The first parents arrive to pick up their children. The kindergarten teachers give them all the important information about their child. They talk to each other trustingly and openly. The other children spend the end of the day outside in the playground. The last parents arrive to pick up their children. Another day at the St. Leonhard daycare centre has come to an end. The children are at home and dream about what they experienced during the day. They are happy.