Bequest, inheritance or donation

Money is not everything, but without money everything is nothing…

The St. Leonhard daycare centre has two sources of income that enable us to care for the children and young people entrusted to us: Parental contributions and subsidies from the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The income is just about adequate to cover running costs. As soon as there are any exceptional expenses, money is tight. We may not be able to purchase an expensive piece of play equipment, pay for an expensive outing to an amusement park or visit an unusual holiday camp because we don’t have the money, or a damaged roof can only be patched up because the costs for a professional repair are too high.

Perhaps you would like to support us in one of the following ways:

Name us as an heir

There is no doubt. The family always comes first. Spouses, children and parents are legally entitled to a minimum share of the inheritance. Once this is covered, you can do what you like with your assets. For example, you could appoint the St. Leonhard daycare centre as a co-heir. If there are no legally protected heirs, you can even appoint us as the sole heir. The proceeds from such inheritances directly benefit the children and educational projects.


With a bequest you can benefit the St. Leonhard daycare centre with a cash donation or donation in kind from your estate. This does not make the St. Leonhard daycare centre an heir, but rather the centre is entitled to some of the heirs’ assets. In the case of a bequest, spouses, children and parents are also entitled to a minimum share of the inheritance. The proceeds from donations in kind, such as a property or an antique, allow the St. Leonhard daycare centre to plan future educational projects.


We are grateful for any donations received, however small. Support us with a non-earmarked donation. We will make sure that the children benefit from it directly.


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Would you like a formal thank-you note for your donation? Then please let us know. All donations are entered into our accounting records. The finances of the St. Leonhard daycare centre are subject to statutory audits and checks by the cantonal department of education of Basel-Stadt. Would you like to contact us discreetly about naming us as an heir or about a bequest? Then please email the management board directly:  vrstndtgshm-lnhrdch or contact the daycare centre management in confidence.