The costs of subsidised kindergarten places, parental contributions

Childcare costs

Everything has its price, especially things that should cost nothing ultimately cost a lot. Children cost money. That’s beyond dispute. But it is the best investment that parents can make. It’s always profitable....

Online calculation of costs  

The link below takes you to a program that you can use to calculate your parental contribution. It gives you a good estimate of the costs you can expect. However, the relevant office at the department for daycare has the final say:

We are a daycare centre subsidised by the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Parents also pay an additional monthly fee for their childcare. This is not an arbitrary fee. The daycare office of the education department of Basel-Stadt is responsible for working out the amount. To calculate the fee, we require information about the following:

  • The child,
  • The family and work situation,
  • The childcare facility
  • Childcare hours required

The department for daycare accesses the parents’ tax data to work out the fee. The monthly costs are calculated on that basis. The parents will be informed of the calculated fee by an official letter that includes details of how the fee was worked out. The management of the St. Leonhard daycare centre also receive a copy of that letter. It does not contain details about the parents’ income or financial circumstances. Confidentiality and strict data protection is assured by the management of the daycare centre.

General conditions

Children who live in the Canton of Basel-Stadt and meet certain requirements (e.g. parents’ employment or officially recognised training, social, curative educational or medical reasons, or required language support) are entitled to the subsidy.

The children have to be looked after for at least four half-days or two full days (40%).

Daily schedule, lunchtime club schoolchildren

The costs for the daily schedule for lunchtime schoolchildren depends on the expenses and the number of hours your child is looked after for. If your child already attends our daycare centre, then the management will contact you to discuss the matter with you. If your child does not attend the daycare centre but there is a need for childcare, please get in touch with the centre management directly. The education department of Basel-Stadt has approved 12 lunchtime club places for the St. Leonhard daycare centre. This permit is enough for up to 25 lunchtime club schoolchildren. Being assigned a place is subject to availability of places.

Private childcare

Circumstances and plans sometimes call for individual childcare to be considered. If you do not live in the Canton of Basel-Stadt but would like us to provide childcare, please get in touch with us. We will seriously consider your request and make the necessary inquiries. We assure you that we comply with data protection regulations and confidentiality obligations at all times.