General information

Opening times and company holidays

We offer childcare from Monday to Friday between 6.15 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. If early childcare starting at 6.15 a.m. is not required, we open the centre at 6.45 a.m. to make the best possible use of our staff resources. The daycare centre is closed between Christmas and the 2nd of January as well as for two weeks in the summer (4th and 5th week of the Basel school holidays). The centre is also closed on official public holidays such as Easter, 1st May, Ascension Day and Whitsun. At the end of each year, the parents are given a holiday plan with detailed information for the coming year.

Minimum occupancy

Minimum occupancy is 40%.

Financing and parental contributions

The parental contribution is based on the guidelines of the education department of Basel-Stadt. They are calculated using the parents’ tax returns. Discounts are requested via the appropriate office at the cantonal department of education of Basel-Stadt. Parents residing outside of Basel-Stadt are not eligible for subsidies and have to pay the full amount.

Notice periods

The notice period for termination is 2 months. Notice of termination may only be given at the end of a month and must be made in writing.

Rules in the event of sickness and absence of children

If the disease is contagious, the children have to be looked after at home. We do look after children with minor illnesses such as runny nose, cold, cough etc. We always discuss the options we offer with the parents. We do not have the necessary capacity to provide a sick child confined to bed with the attention and care they need during this time. We immediately notify the parents of any signs of disease and discuss with them how to proceed. We always talk to the parents before we administer any medicines.

Mandatory insurance

Insurance must be taken out by the parents. While the child is in our care, they are covered by the company insurance of the daycare centre. The parents are informed about this when they officially register their child.