The hygiene concept of the St. Leonhard daycare centre

The hygiene concept of our kindergarten

Hygiene in the kitchen

The relevant authority regularly inspects the information we provide and how we handle food, and we make adjustments if necessary.

We buy fresh food every day. We have a small store room for a few products.

We are obligated to fully monitor ourselves, which is also regularly verified by the public health department.

The kitchen staff practice good personal hygiene and they have a neat appearance. Hand hygiene is particularly important.  We treat wounds professionally. We make sure that hygiene rules are strictly adhered to when someone has a cold.


Hygiene when making baby food

The main baby foods are prepared for one to two weeks in advance, we freeze them, and the required amount is defrosted each morning. Special baby food is prepared fresh each day. The rules and regulations of the public health authority apply to the preparation, cooling and portioning of baby food.


Hygiene in childcare

Our childcare professionals are always well-groomed and clean. They serve as role models for the children.  We make sure that the children are clean and help them if they wish.


Hygiene in the children's group

Our staff are responsible for cleanliness in the group rooms. They do small cleaning jobs when they have a spare minute. Special attention is paid to the bathroom and the toilets. These areas are cleaned daily, checked several times a day and cleaned as needed. After meals, the tables and chairs are cleaned. As are the floors.

Management are notified of faulty equipment and damaged furniture. 


Cleaning and laundry

In addition to the daily cleaning jobs, at the weekend our reliable cleaning service carries out all the necessary cleaning work for us. It is up to the parents whether they wash their children’s clothes or ask us to do this for them.



With the parents’ consent, young people and some of our former children clean for us for one hour a week to top up their pocket money. This started out as a one-off and has now become established. The young people and the daycare centre appreciate this very much.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with the centre management.